All about teenagers getting a job

Teenagers are eager to embrace the freedom of adulthood but aren’t always as excited about the responsibility. Most teens want to get a job so they can earn their own money and have more control over how they spend their free time. A summer job can be a fantastic learning experience for your teenager, but you need to make sure he or she is ready for one. 

Ask yourself and your teen these questions to see if they are ready:

  1. Is your teen responsible?  Teenagers who haven’t grown up with responsibilities at home are less likely to be ready for them outside the home.  Start with chores. If you haven’t, you should start now. Better late than never. Your teen should be assigned chores and should complete them when asked and to the standard you set. If there are younger siblings, your teen can babysit them to learn responsibility. Make sure to ask yourself what your teen’s grades look like. If they’re slipping or he or she is doing poorly in a class, a job might might not be the best thing for them at this time as they are more likely to fall behind if they are working a job after school instead of studying.
  2. Can your teen search for a job?  A teen who’s ready for a job will initiate the search. He or she may need guidance, so talk with them and see what interests them! Your teen can use this information to look for jobs in person or search safe sites online.
  3. Does your teen handle money well?  If your teen spends too freely, it may be a sign he or she isn’t ready for a steady paycheck. Teens don’t need to necessarily save every single penny, but they should learn a bit about budgeting and dividing their money up according to their expenses. You should also talk to your teen about investment goals. If he or she has any goals right now, what are they? What should they be in the future, and how will they be reached? Very important topics to talk about before they get that first exciting paycheck! 

These companies hire teens!

  • AMC Theatre | Great for working as an usher or doing concessions. There are limited jobs available but, still a great starter job. 
  • Baskin-Robbins | Almost all the Baskin-Robbins stores will hire out as young as 14. Consider applying! 
  • Boston Market | You have to be 15 years old, and they generally hire for a dishwashing position. 
  • Ben And Jerry’s | Another ice cream loving job idea for your teenager. This is for their scoop shops.
  • Burger King | Most chains depending on the state will hire at a younger age. 
  • Bruster’s | Depending on your state will depend if they can hire at age 14 and 15. 
  • Culvers | This is a great option to get your start in fast food. Hiring at tons of locations starting at 14. 
  • Chick Fil A | Hiring at a younger age, is what Chick Fil A does, to help give kids a start. Great worth ethics, and a kind atmosphere. 
  • Dairy Queen | Another great ice cream shop that most states will hire at 14 and 15 years old. Whether it is working in the kitchen, cleaning tables and more. 
  • Giant Eagle | Bring in carts and more at Giant Eagle. Depending on the state will, of course, depend on their age requirement. 
  • Giant Foods | This is only available in select states, but they do hire younger at a young age. 
  • Kroger | Kroger, and affiliates can hire at a younger age range. Most jobs in this age range are sacking and carrying out groceries or stocking shelves. 
  • KFC | Another fast food joint that you can apply and see if you can help work at making food, serving customers and more. 
  • McDonald’s |McDonald’s is a great starter job for teens. You will find that they are flexible with hours, and even offer scholarships for college. 
  • Publix | Depending where you live you might find you have Publix stores near you. If you are in a state that approves younger age hiring you might get a job. 
  • Pizza Hut | Cleaning tables, doing dishes and more could be an option at Pizza Hut. 
  • Rita’s Italian Ice | Here is another good one that will hire out at 14 and 15 years old. 
  • Six Flags | Cleaning up around the amusement park, game operators, and more are the types of jobs you can expect to get. There are a handful of locations you can apply at. 
  • Taco Bell | Fast food chain that will take in younger teens to help build a good work ethic, teach and more. 
  • Winnie Dixie | This store will hire for baggers at the age of 14 years old. 

Those are just ones that I know of in my area, but did you know there are currently 227 companies that hire teens?! See them all HERE   Please note that minimum age may vary by location, job position and even ownership of the outlet. This awesome site let’s you find out what jobs teenagers can apply for and at what age,  job interview questions and how to apply to that company.

OTHER jobs for 14 & 15 year olds

  • Babysitting | Many parents will hire around this age to watch their children. Look around in your area. . 
  • Church Jobs | Maybe they are looking for a Sunday school helper, or need assistance in the nursery. Some churches even pay for these jobs. 
  • Cleaning Houses | Offer to clean houses, and build up some clients for a part-time job. 
  • Dog Walkers | Consider creating a business to walk dogs in your area. 
  • LifeGuard | Some locations will allow younger teens to work at the pool as a lifeguard. With in-house training, they can qualify to help. 
  • Mowing Lawns | In the summer months, they can get a job mowing lawns in your town. Or even doing other yard work. 
  • Painting | Maybe someone needs a shed painted or help with some DIY projects around their home. 
  • Pet Sitter | Pet sitting can be something that they could offer on weekends and even during the week. To go and check in on pets while owners are away. 
  • Running Errands | Buy groceries at the store, pick up medicine for the elderly, do tasks that elders need help with. A great way to help others and make money.

Laws For Jobs For 14 and 15-Year-Olds 

It’s important to know that there are laws that the company has to abide by. Here is a list of laws that surround hiring a younger teen to work. Its good to know these are talk with your child about these also. 

What Type of Laws Do Younger Teens Have to Follow 

  • No more than 3 hours A day of Work on Weekdays
  • You can’t work over 18 hours per week (when school is in session) 
  • No more than 40 hours per week in summer months (when school is out) 
  • And more. Depending on your state, you might find you have slightly different laws.