Free or Cheap things to do with kids in the winter

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from having fun!  Creativity is the key to finding free or cheap things to do that will keep you and the kids laughing all winter — without breaking the bank.

  • Create a homemade photo booth with DIY props and take pictures. See some cute DIY props HERE, or, buy some inexpensive ones HERE

  • Go to your local fire station for a tour. Call ahead to be courteous.
  • One of our favorite things to do and is fun for any age, is to make a bird feeder out of pine cones and peanut butter for the back yard, and wait for visitors to arrive and enjoy it! 
  • Color pictures to mail to nursing homes and hospital patients. Or write them a letter! Click HERE to see a list of nursing homes in your area! 

Attend a free kids’ woodworking or crafting workshop at your local hardware or craft store. Or favorite is at Home Depot! In fact, the most recent kid clinic we went to, my kids got to make a mini hockey game with wood, nails, paint, stickers and more! It was so cool! They are free to attend,  free to make a cool project, but you just should register ahead of time online. Click HERE to see the next free clinic located near you and to register!

  • Volunteer your time at a food bank together. It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a big impact, plus volunteering is a great way to teach children that giving back to the community is a rewarding experience. It’s an easy way to spend time with your loved ones and give back to your community. Find YOUR local food bank!  
  • Host a toy swap with friends and get tons of free new-to-you toys!

  • Use blankets and sheets to build a fort under in the living room or under the kitchen table. Camp out with sleeping bags and pillows! 

  • Turn on your favorite tunes and have a dance-off. Let each kid take turns picking their favorite song to play! 
  • Growing veggies and herbs is not just for spring and summer! Start seeds indoors. Try broccoli sprouts or wheat grass to clip and add to salads or other dishes. Get this awesome indoor kids veggie garden where you can actually watch the roots grow! 
  • Have a board game marathon. Start the night out with a-lot of laughs by beginning with the game “Watch ya mouth” it is perfect if you’re looking for the best family board game or card games for families to play during game night. This game really gets us in the mood to have fun together! 
  • Make a list of summer vacations you’d like to consider once the weather warms up.  This is a mood booster! Search up places online, make a list and then narrow the list by feasibility, then research each front-runner and vote on the best.
  • Give each other manicures. Do you remember peel-off polish? Kids still have fun with this! And, the best part…you can let them really “go to town” painting your nails and toe-nails and then you can easily peel away the stuff they left all over your skin. Haha. CLICK HERE to see my favorite peel-off set. It comes with so many shades and it works so good!

  • Take turns doing back rubs! My kids LOVE earning money by doing this! 25 cents a back rub?! Thats money well spent in my book and they are adding money to their piggy bank and learning how to earn and save money! A win-win. 
  • Take advantage of an indoor playground — malls frequently have a play-space for kids to burn off some energy.
  • Find Santa! Drive around your city (or use an unlimited bus pass) and look for him wherever you can — the mall, or even sidewalks.

  • Create your own fairy tale. Start with the classic “Once Upon a Time…” opener, and take turns combining classic story elements to make your own. Record what you come up with and play it back fo all to hear! Its always better listening to it a second or third time around! 
  • Shovel driveways for the neighbors together.
  • Turn all the lights off and play laser tag or hide-and-seek in the dark. Our kids have a favorite laser gun set that has brought them so much fun. Check it out! 
  • Visit the local humane society to give (and receive!) some quality cuddles.