Freeze Pop Holders!!!

March 14, 2020 8:43 am | Kids

Ok friends! I told you the Freeze pop holders were coming today! Here they are!! They are on SALE! Just $5.99 each right now (Reg. $14.99) SNAG some up for the easter baskets! They will use them all summer!!

**For shipping…they charge $2.79 if you order 1..making the total for 1 just $8.78…but if you order more than 1…each additional item ships for .29cents) So, I’ll break it down for ya….including shipping…

  • Buy 1…total is $8.78
  • Buy 2…total is $15.06
  • Buy 3…total is $21.34
  • Buy 4…total is $27.62 and so on.