Liquid IV!!!!

November 29, 2020 5:34 pm | Home & Outdoor

Zulily has Liquid IV on SALE today!!! Up to 35% off…just $16.99!!! I bought a small box for the same price from target and I bought my full bag (in pic) for $25!

Ok, so heres why I am OBSESSED with this stuff…it hydrates you 3X faster than water!! I literally drink 1-2 packets a day….adding 1 packet to your 16 oz glass of water makes it so its the same as being hydrates by 3 glasses of water!! PERFECT for anyone that has a hard time getting all of their water in in a day! I did so much research before buying this for the first time, and I became hooked! I recently bought the flavor Apple Pie, but out of all of the ones I have tried…lemon lime is my favorite!!! They even have a sleep one that helps you sleep, but I have not tried that out yet.